Steps to hire internet in your new home

28 Jun 2023

Moving to a new home is an exciting chapter in life, but it can also be overwhelming, especially when it comes to ensuring a fast and reliable Internet connection in your new home. In the digital age in which we live, Internet access is essential for work, study, entertainment and communication.

Therefore, in this article, we will guide you through the necessary steps to contract Internet in your new home, helping you make informed decisions and guarantee an efficient connection from day one.

What requirements must be met to contract internet at home

The steps to hire internet at home are very simple and brief. The first step you have to take is to get in touch with the telecommunications company, with which you want to contract the services, through the customer service telephone number that it has enabled.

Below, you can find a table with a compilation of the telephone numbers of the most common operators



Call Lowi for free


Call MásMóvil for free


Call Jazztel customers


Call Movistar for free


Call Vodafone for free


Call Finetwork for free


Call Orange customers


Call Yoigo customers


What conditions must the house have where the internet installation is going to be carried out?

  1. Its location must be accessible in order to carry out the installation.
  2. The applicant must be an individual or a real company.
  3. You must have an operational bank account in which to direct the invoices.
  4. You must check the coverage of the address to find out what type of technology can be used in the installation of the services.

When you have carried out these steps and have contacted the company to request the services, you must provide a series of personal data to the operator so that they can start the process of registering for the services or portability to start formalizing the contract.

What information do you have to provide the company?

  • The official identity document that you have.
  • The full name, surname and date of birth of the person who will be the holder of the contract.
  • The postal address where the owner resides.
  • If you want to keep the landline number associated with your old network installation, you must let the company know.
  • The contact details of the holder of the contract, that is, the email and the telephone number (if they are those of the holder, better).

What technologies are used in internet facilities?

As we already know, having a good internet connection at home is almost a basic good for any home. For this reason, it is interesting that you know the different technologies that can be used depending on the coverage that the home has.

  • Optical fiber: today it is the best technology on the market, since it offers the highest speeds (up to 1 Gb) and greater stability in the connection, maintaining the same download and upload speed.
  • ADSL: it is the technology that is installed in those houses that are not reached by fiber optic coverage.
  • 4G at home: This technology gets its connectivity from the 4G mobile connection.
  • Satellite Internet: it is used in geographic locations that other technologies do not reach.

How to choose the best company for your new home

Once you have carried out all the necessary steps, you have to choose the company that will provide you with internet connection services for your new home.

Normally, when thinking about telecommunications service providers, the first to come up are those that predominate at the national level, such as Yoigo, Orange, Movistar or Vodafone. However, it is interesting that you value companies that are classified as low cost, but that offer quality services but at very competitive prices, such as Digi or Lowi.

In any case, before contracting the services, find out which of them is the one that operates to a greater extent in your location, since if you opt for it you will obtain a better internet connection and greater coverage on your mobile lines.

Source: Selectra

Steps to hire internet in your new home

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