Malaga, City of the future with the Universal Expo of 2027, here are some explanations why invest in Malaga now

17 Dec 2021

jt-estates much more than an agency that sells and does purely commercial work describing a brochure to you.

After engineering studies in architecture and construction , more than 30 years of experience. What could be better than knowing how to make a house with your own hands in order to sell it, knowing how to read a scale plan, knowing the soils and subsoils, the geology, as well as all the stages of construction.

And so the difference with other agencies is 30 years of experience in architecture and construction in France, Germany and the Emirates before being in real estate.

jt-estates specializes in new products with very few second-hand products (second-hand products are particularly selected and we do not want to offer our customers. You should know that in Spain there were no energy standards to be respected before a few years, and many properties have been built without licenses. We offer new products with guarantees and documentation in order), each project is studied before putting it on our website, the objective not being to sell, but to provide irreproachable quality service and professionalism . Better a satisfied customer than 10 dissatisfied.

So for this end of the year jt-estates presents this special blog on the City of Malaga on video.

It's always more telling, so watch this video of Malaga with the changes and modernization of the city by 2030 .

Indeed after the Universal Exhibition currently in Dubai, the next in 2027 will be that of Malaga.

It is no coincidence that Malaga was chosen as the capital of Andalusia, which will become the leading European tourist destination, with its 200 new property promotions in Andalusia, but also its 42 golf courses where the October competitions are played. to April.

Here in photos a cocktail of our properties in Malaga capital and around Malaga fast in transport and relatively close that you can find here in our web.

What is most important in any investment?

It is knowing that you can easily resell in a more or less near future and that you can also make a profit there. Indeed, a real estate agent will always tell you that you will be reselling 10% more, but the day you decide to resell, this same seller will change his mind and he will even ask you 5% plus VAT just to try to sell your property.

So it is important not to be wrong!

jt-estates is convinced that buying real estate in Malaga and in a nearby radius with its transport, you will not go wrong, especially with inflation which is fast approaching, buy now you will have already made a profit of minimum 7% within 1 year. From our experience, 5 promoters have increased by 7 to 10% in November and December of this year, but all will follow in 2022.

You just have to look and study the UBS Global real estate Bubble index markets that we put for you here in the last picture. You will see that the cheapest prices per square meter and which have not yet increased are Dubai, but a little above Spain (Always invest in the bottom of the wave)

For our transparency and to prove our know-how to you, which agencies speak to you about this for the purchase of a real estate property? It is, however, an official document.

This is the only reason why jt-estates works in Dubai and Spain!

And so the conclusion: it is really the moment to invest in a real estate property whether in Dubai or in Spain, but more particularly Malaga with this future universal exhibition which will attract a lot of people from all over the world. , supply and demand make Malaga the city to invest now.

jt-estates international agency specializing in new direct from developers and builders without fees or commissions

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will advise you, we can also obtain funding for you working with several international organizations whether in Spain and also in Dubai

Malaga, City of the future with the Universal Expo of 2027, here are some explanations why invest in Malaga now



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